2018 Ram Harvest Edition Arrives for Autumn

It doesn’t matter if you go light-duty or heavy-duty, basic trim or high-end model; every version of the Ram pickup trucks is a sophisticated, capable workhorse. That being said, there are a lot of options and ways to find the Ram that’s right for you, like the many special editions.

One of our favorite special edition at South County Autos is the Ram Harvest Edition. The Ram Harvest Edition is available in all three models—Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500. It’s a version of this pickup that’s built to cater to the farmer as a workhorse fit to both haul the tractor and ease your workload.

The bold exterior of the Ram Harvest Edition is equipped with features that are both stylish and purposeful, such as the black tubular side steps which help passengers enter the cabin comfortably. Mopar® Bumper Steps help when loading and unloading from the bed of your Ram Harvest pickup, while all-terrain tires and attractive aluminum wheels give you the freedom to tackle any terrain. To top it all off, each Ram Harvest Edition comes with a bold chrome grille that looks good from any angle.

Whatever your workload is, the Ram Harvest Edition is an attractive and thoughtfully designed pickup that can make life easier. Learn more when you test drive one at South County Autos.

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