New Jeep® Wrangler Pickup Render Revealed

For years, the mysterious Jeep® Wrangler Pickup has been little more than a rumor or a concept, but it seems that Jeep® fans’ demands have been heard by the brand. A Wrangler Pickup is now officially in development, though it seems like Jeep® reps are keeping the project seriously under wraps. Until then, ever-vigilant enthusiasts are always ready to speculate and theorize about what’s on the way, and they recently showed off this skill by coming up with their own Wrangler Pickup render.

Wrangler Pickup render

Insiders on the JL Wrangler Forums took all of their current know-how concerning the Jeep® Wrangler and wrapped it up in one cool concept image. The render shows off a pickup that shares much of its front-end design with the standard Wrangler, a design that’s iconic in and of itself. The render omits the Wrangler’s character line, however, as well as the fender vents behind its front wheel openings. It’s also suspected that the pickup will incorporate a new door hinge design and pull door handles.

The Wrangler Pickup render may not be official, but it’s the best we’ve got when it comes to an up-to-date look at the upcoming Jeep® Wrangler Pickup. There’s currently no launch date for the much-anticipated truck, but we at South County Autos will keep one eye on the news reel to keep Jeep® fans up to date.

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