New Jeep Wrangler Pickup

Jeep Wrangler Pickup

For decades, Jeep has built a reputation for impressive off-roading performance and the iconic, distinguished Jeep style. In order to stay as consistently successful as they have been, Jeep must stick to its own traditional standards while still offering new, modern twists to the lineup.


Enter the upcoming Jeep Wrangler pickup. This new Wrangler-based truck is expected to go into production in Toledo, Ohio by late 2019. It will be the first pickup that Jeep has produced since production of the Jeep Comanche stopped in 1992. Before that, there were also the Willys Jeep Truck, the Jeep Gladiator, and the J-Series trucks. Jeep pickups were discontinued back then so that the company could focus on Dodge pickups.


Though the new Jeep Wrangler pickup is still a ways off in the future, many Jeep fans are just happy to know that the brand has finally set a date. There has been talk of a new Jeep truck for years now, and dealerships like us at South County Autos have looked forward to the day when they can once again offer a pickup with the Jeep nameplate. There’s still a lot to be developed for the new Wrangler pickup—even the name has yet to be chosen—but we’re confident that when it does come, it will be well worth the wait.


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